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Accept them or send them home

The then Government of the erstwhile J&K state had announced the militants who want to surrender can come back to Kashmir under its Rehabilitation Policy if they want to lead a normal life. Under the policy, several such militants came back along with their families and tried to start it afresh keeping in view the policy of the Government.

So many years have passed, but these families continue to be on roads demanding citizenship which was promised to them. In the absence of the same, these families are facing numerous issues due to which they are leading a miserable life. There is a need for the Government to break its silence over the issue and try to address the issues that these families are facing.

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There is a need of coming clear on the issue and deciding whether the Government is going to accept these families as citizens, and if not, the Government should consider deporting them back to Pakistan to put an end to the miseries they are facing. There is a need for providing them with what they were promised.

There is also a need for understanding the fact the children of these families are also suffering due to the apathy of the Government who has paved a way for them to come back to Kashmir. The Government has a responsibility of listening to their issues and trying its level best to address their problems without any further delay.

These women and children cannot let to suffer. There is a need for addressing their issues after these many years of suffering.



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