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Not lowering the guard

Several states of the country are witnessing a surge in the COVID-19 cases and with that it puts Kashmir being a tourist destination to much danger as the people from all over the country are currently thronging to Kashmir on a daily basis. There is a need for stepping up the surveillance as well as testing.

No matter, our tourism industry has been suffering for a long now, but preventive measures should be taken to make sure that these tourists do not become the carriers of the infection as they reach Kashmir.

There is a need for the administration as well as the stakeholders of the industry to make sure that they play an active and responsible role while they host their guests in Kashmir. The tourists who reach here should also make sure that they adhere to the SOPs.

While J&K earlier had a surge in the COVID-19 cases, but now, it is witnessing a considerable decrease lately and for this achievement, the frontline workers are to be credited. And now that the situation has improved, we cannot afford to slide back to where we came from.

There is a need for being careful with the situation which is around us and can turn ugly anytime. It is better to stay cautious and follow the guidelines as we have been doing. More importantly, there is a need for proper handling of the tourists that are arriving in Kashmir.

The COVID-19 is still there, and there is no way of lowering the guard. Better is to stay cautious and alert. Deal with the situation as we have been doing since March last year.



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