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Ending substance abuse

On daily basis, we see police action against the drug peddlers operating across Kashmir Valley; large consignments are seized and the accused arrested, however, somehow the drugs—substances that have destroyed lives, families sneak in and reaches into the hands of the gullible youth who are misguided initially and are made to get involved in the menace. They in the end find themselves tangled up in the menace of drug abuse with no way of coming out of it.

The police have to strengthen the measures in this regard and try to zero on the sources of drugs that are pushed into J&K particularly Kashmir. There is a need for identifying the sources and eliminating the same. Unless and until the source remains alive, the drugs will keep on reaching Kashmir and finally into the veins of the youth which is the future of this land. No civilized and sensitive society will ever want their future to go astray like that.

We have seen the condition of such youth who are trying to come out of the addiction they have been caught in. We have seen their struggle there; we have seen how their families suffer—all because of their one grave mistake.

Curbing the menace of drug abuse requires a multi-pronged strategy. Police have an active role to play followed by the family and then the mental health experts. There is a need to employ such a strategy that has a remedy in place for every level, which can finally, give us results and nothing else.



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