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The dental surgeons have been protesting for the last more than two weeks now demanding the creation of posts in the Union Territory’s health care system. For the last more than 12 years now, there has not been a single post created for the absorption of the dental surgeons in J&K which not only is strange but, at the same time, the difference of the administration identifies its priorities which at least does not the up-gradation of the oral healthcare across the UT.

Hundreds of doctors pass out every year from the dental colleges within the UT and outside, but as of now, they do not have an option of getting absorbed in the state healthcare as there are no such posts anywhere.

By that attitude, the effects can be felt on the ground. Oral healthcare has gone into shambles which has further paved a way for those who are not professionals to carry out the quackery in the far off areas of the UT which has further increased the risks of blood-borne diseases among the individuals who have got no options but to avail the treatment from the quacks.

While these doctors have finally taken up the movement of bringing the administration under pressure, so far, they appear to have made an impact even though the issue was highlighted by the star politician Shashi Tharoor.

The Government needs to shun the indifference and take measures so that these highly qualified doctors are absorbed in the system and at the same time, the much ignored oral healthcare is upgraded, taken care of.



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