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Getting space for vehicles

The city still lacks the parking facilities that should have been there keeping in view the increased number of vehicles overall. Though we do not witness the traffic jams in the intensity that used to be there earlier, but still, the city greatly lacks in parking facilities and it is something that needs to be thought over.

A few parking facilities are coming up in the Srinagar city and one among them has been completed but has not been started yet due to unknown reasons. There is a need for starting the works on other parking spaces as well and keep them at the disposal of the public so that they could park their vehicles at ease and without any trouble to the rest of the traffic.

Otherwise, we find cars parked along the roadsides in the city which creates traffic jams and it appears that if the problem of the parking spaces is taken care of, there would have total end to the traffic woes that keep on engulfing the city.

The reopening of the schools in the city are going pose increased challenges about facilitating the smooth plying of the traffic on roads and for that, the about-to-start parking facility in Lal Chowk is going to prove of great help. Apart from the traffic management, the authorities need to take measures for providing sufficient parking facilities in the city and elsewhere.



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