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Take concrete measures

The cases of drug abuse are on the rise in Kashmir, and the frequency at which the drug peddlers are being arrested across Kashmir, indicates their deep presence in the society, and at the same time, how colossal their role is in distributing the drugs, other contraband substances among the youngsters who are getting indulged in the menace of drug abuse with every passing day.

The Government in this regard has taken up several measures, particularly, the increase in the infrastructure with regard to the prevention and de-addiction treatment, however, with regard to the prevention at the lower level, nothing has been done so far.

The health experts have been underlining the need for curbing the menace at the lower level which is to state that the transportation and availability of the drugs need to be curbed at the ground so that the availability takes a hit and which would, in turn, decrease the access of drugs among the abusers.

There is a need to take measures at the lower level to make sure that the measures taken at the upper level witness success. As of now, the measures taken at the upper level will only cater to the needs of people who have been engulfed in drug abuse and are facing multiple issues due to the same, however, at the same time; it will be a failure in terms of preventing the youth from consuming drugs for the first time.

Therefore, the need for taking concrete and strategized measures to curb the menace of drug abuse which is destroying young and tender lives has become inevitable.



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