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Schools remain closed

The education of the children has been taking a hit since 2019, right before the outbreak of the pandemic and it continues to remain the same as of now. Even as all the activities, events are being carried out with COVID SOPs being thrown to the wind, the schools, however, continue to remain closed for the reasons better known to those at the helm of affairs.

Even as the COVID has subsided and the maximum number of teachers vaccinated, the Government is still not interested in ordering the reopening of the education institutions despite the growing demands of the parents regarding the reopening of the educational institutions.

As of now, it appears that the Government is being extra cautious and by doing that, the education of the children is getting affected. The children below 15 are day-by-day getting further addicted to smartphones as they are spending much time of their day on electronic devices.

Keeping the educational institutions closed has got multi-faceted ramifications and the Government now needs to understand the dire need of reopening the educational institutions as the pandemic is now in the cooling-off period.

If not regular, the Government can try to reopen the educational institutions for few days, to begin with, and then can it go for the full-fledged reopening of the same. There is a need for allowing the phased reopening of the schools across J&K as the experts have been stating that the pandemic is here to stay and we need to learn to live with it.



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