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Threat of LPG refilling centres

In Srinagar city, there has been a mushrooming of LGP car refilling centres with most of them operating under dangerous conditions and without any clearance from the competent authorities. Most of these centres are operating within the residential areas and with these centres functioning without any regulation and monitoring, the people, as well as those operating such centres, are at constant risk.

There is a need for the concerned departments to come into action and take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the general public. The authorities need to come up with the rules and regulations to streamline such ventures that are operating in the city. Moreover, these centres have been opened up on the spots where the traffic rush remains high. Mostly, it has been seen that the refilling of LPG gas is carried out in open on the roads which often result in traffic jams. However, the increased risk of any untoward incident always remains high.

The concerned heads of the districts need to activate the ground force to make sure that these centres are opened as per rules and are operated well as per the guidelines that have been issued, or might be issued afresh in case of the absence of the same.

The people who throng to such refilling centres also need to know that they are risking their and well as the lives of others by visiting such centres. They should identify refilling centres that are away from the residential areas and operate as per the regulations.



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