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Demand of revoking NPS

The employees have been for long demanding the revocation of the New Pension Scheme and going ahead with the Old Pension Scheme, however, the demand has not been met so far with the administration turning a deaf ear towards their lone demand.

There are several issues that the employees, be it gazetted or non-gazetted, are facing vis-à-vis the New Pension Scheme. If an employee works for over a decade in a particular department, he now does not have the luxury of getting a handsome pension that would help him/her a great deal during their old age. As of now, the employees who are retiring are getting a meagre amount as pension at the end of their service career which is in no way sufficient to fulfil their needs.

At the end of their career, while employees have managed to live freely and independently all their lives, they once again become dependent on their kin who in turn, have got their needs to fulfil. All in all, under the new pension scheme all they are going to face are immense hardships after their retirement.

There is a need for the Administration to have a look at the New Pension Scheme and take necessary measures to tailor it in a way that it keeps that hope alive for the employees who have either retired recently or are due for retirement. The J&K Government has been always working for the betterment of its people, and now is time to do a bit more in this direction so that the hopelessness that has engulfed the employees, concerning the NPS, ends once for all.



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