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Tough transition

As the Government has come up with a law that makes the hallmarking of the gold articles mandatory, there is a need for taking measures so that the jewellers that are operating in Kashmir can carry out the transition which is imminent because of the new law that has been already implemented in various districts of the country.

Most of the jewellers in Kashmir are illiterate and do not know about the intricacies of the new law and how they have to operate and how is the new law going to bring about a change in their relationship with the Administration and more importantly, their relationship with the customers. If the jewellers are to be believed, there are several issues that they have identified with the new regime. They believe that the new law is going to create more hurdles and troubles not only for them but also for the customers.

However, the administration is adamant about implementing the law and has been stating that the transition to a new grid of rules has always been tough initially. However, so far, they have not bothered to get in touch with the jewellers to make them understand the new order of things and how they have to operate. While the law needs to be implemented, there is a need for taking the primary stakeholders into confidence and holding routine orientation programs to make them understand its operations. At the same time, there is a need for clearing the confusion that galore and has made these jewellers hopeless.



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