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Ensure punishment

The law enforcement agencies, as well as other departments, have been acting against the bung cultivations across Kashmir and have so far cracked the whip on several such people who have been involved in such practices, however, there is a need for doing more on that front.

While the police have been effectively dealing with the menace of drug addiction in the Valley, acting tough on people dealing with the cultivation of bung needs more attention on the ground. Destroying the bung cultivation is a step that is being taken under the category of prevention, and at the later stage comes action against the people who are in reality peddling the drugs. The main focus needs to be on the prevention at the source of it and for which there is a need for carrying out such drives more frequently.

At the same time, while destroying the bung cultivations, there is a need for taking proper and stringent action against those who are involved in such practices and at the same time impose heavy fines on them for carrying out illegal activities. There is a need for making the system robust so that such elements are not let go easily and are duly punished.

There is a need to understand that prevention is more important and should be carried out and implemented with an iron fist so that the younger generation does not fall prey to such addictions and end up ruining their lives.



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