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The Government has a plan of retiring the Anganwadi workers under which thousands of such workers who have reached the age of retirement will be bid goodbye to their services. While there is no issue with the retirement of such workers, but, one thing that has been giving these workers sleepless nights is the fact that they would be getting nothing in hand and will be made to live their post-retirement life as dependent individuals. These workers have been fighting for regularization of services their entire life which has not happened so far, the rest of their life they would be forced to live by being dependent on their kin.

It would be a gross injustice to these workers who are mostly females that they would get nothing in the name of pensionary benefits and will have to leave the services empty-handed. During their service, they have been protesting here and there demanding the release of their pending wages, however, even after their retirement, there is not going to be any end to their woes.

There is a need for the Government to consider the time that they have given to the department and at the same time, consider the nature of the job of being multi-purpose workers and extend some of the benefits at the end of their services so that they could live their post-retirement life peacefully. What if they remained on toes during their service years for peanuts they would get after the passage of months, they deserve a respectful adieu at the end of it. They deserve it!



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