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COVID curbs return

COVID-19 restrictions are back in several areas of Srinagar city as the administration has started erecting barricades that are reporting new COVID cases. It is being done on the lines of what was done earlier when the pandemic started. People have been criticising the administration for the move and have been stating that the administration must rather focus more on effective vaccination coverage rather than going for barricading lanes and by lanes.

As of now, the move appears to be futile and mere wastage of resources because, if we keep in consideration the results of the seroprevalence survey which has been carried out by the GMC, Srinagar in collaboration with other institutions, it clearly states over 80 per cent of people across Kashmir have had the presence of antibodies against the COVID-19, which means that the majority of the population is already exposed to the infection, indicating that the imposition of restrictions, particularly going for the barricading of areas is not going to serve any purpose at all.

The educational institutions are opening up after due vaccination, the administration, rather than going for primitive measures to curb the spread, should rather, increase the pace of the vaccination and at the same time, impress on the need for adhering to the CAB—only these measures are going to help us in fighting the pandemic. Barricading the areas was earlier employed when people knew almost nothing about the COVID-19. However, now, a lot a changed on the policymaking front; quite a lot of research has also been done. There is a need to change the approach and pace up the vaccination and other measures.



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