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Commendable job!

Recently, on the directions of the High Court, the police have done a commendable job by tracing the newborn that was separated from her mother soon after she was born. The mother of the baby, soon after the illegal act by her in-laws, approached the court. The court upon hearing the case issued the directions for the immediate tracing of the infant. The police swung into the action and raided several places and were finally able to trace the baby who was taken away from her mother.

In the first place, the act was illegal, immoral and unjustifiable were in a newborn who is solely dependent on the mother for breastfeeding. The act is equal to snatching a human life. The police have also arrested the people who are involved in the matter and the case under relevant sections has been registered.

At the first, the court deserves all the appreciation for issuing swift directions and on top of that, the concerned police station which was directed to act and make sure that the infant is traced, also deserves all the appreciation. Such actions and directions passed on time, swiftly do act as elements that reassure that these institutions are there to take care of individuals in case their rights are snatched and trampled upon and at the same time, such actions is a deterrent to such elements who resort to violations and hand-handedness and indulge in inhuman acts such as snatching away a newborn from her mother and making both the individuals suffer.



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