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Need of flu shots

September is nearing its end and with the onset of October, the doctors these days recommend getting the flu vaccine shots to avoid the hospitals getting overburdened while we already have increased cases of COVID-19 coming particularly from the Srinagar district.

However, the flu vaccines are not yet available in ample numbers so that patients who have an increased risk of catching the flu in the season including that of Health Care Workers who are first targets get the flu shots. As of now, the availability of the flu vaccines is way less and the same needs to be increased and should be given to the priority groups within these remaining days of September.

While there is already a looming threat of the third wave of COVID-19 pandemic, if the flu cases increase, the same will increase the patient load on the hospitals which then won’t be able to take it any longer. Therefore, the process of giving the flu shots must be carried out without any further delay.

At the same time, the flu vaccination must be given on the lines of how it was done last year. The healthcare workers were given the flu shots free of cost and this time over the same needs to be done this year as well. The Government while it has been effectively carrying out the COVID-19 vaccination drive should also take measures to give the flu vaccines to the more vulnerable people—it has become a necessity at this point.



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