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Taking everyone on-board

Finally, the district administration has swung into action and has started a drive to ensure the implementation of COVID Appropriate Behaviour (CAB) in Srinagar. The move has come after there was an increase in the number of COVID-19 positive cases from Srinagar. And as per the Deputy Commissioner, Srinagar Aijaz Asad, 50 per cent of total cases reported from J&K come from district Srinagar. He has been vocal with regard to the violations of the CAB by what he called as “few areas” in Srinagar while warning strict action in case the COVID SOPs are not followed religiously.

In yet another development, the administration called up the traders, transporters and other stakeholders, asked them to make sure that the COVID SOPs are followed everywhere, otherwise, it will be forced to impose lockdown. In response, the stakeholders assured that they will make sure that the CAB is implemented in letter and spirit and that they cannot afford another lockdown as they are still struggling with the impacts the previous ones left. In this regard, the SSP has also directed the concerned SHOs to ensure the implementation of CAB in their respective areas.

Here, the administration has done a commendable job and that is: consultations with the stakeholders who are directly impacted due to the decision that are taken at the higher levels. We have to understand that ultimately, every individual of the society has to adhere to the SOPs and only then, there would be some impact otherwise, it is a useless exercise. There is a need for people to understand the gravity of the situation and keeping that in view, there is a need for adhering to CAB and following it religiously.



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