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Connectivity is essential

There are several roads, link roads in Kashmir that have yet been repaired by the administration. While there are several such roads in Srinagar city, the situation in far off places is even worse. Even though developmental works are being carried out almost everywhere, the issue of effective connectivity so far remains unresolved.

There still are roads that are filled with potholes making commuting on such roads quite difficult. It turns out to be a bad dream when people are forced to commute on such roads carrying patients to nearby healthcare facilities. Such roads are almost everywhere. Be it north, south of central Kashmir—one can find roads filled with potholes and are in dire need of immediate repairs. The local representatives, it seems, also fail to get the issues faced by their people resolved on priority.

There is a need for the Government particularly the district administrations to identify such roads that require repairs. It should not be the case that the roads only in the main towns are curated and taken care of, the real change, development is when the lives of the people living in the far off places are made easy: that’s what is known as real change, as the same people have been suffering for the want of several facilities and the main target of the Government needs to be that particular section of the society who deserve all the help, facilities to make their lives smooth. We have to understand that connectivity plays a major role in the overall development of society at the micro-level.



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