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Much needed step taken

A much-needed step has been finally taken by the district administration Srinagar with going to the lockdown in the areas that have been reported the majority of the COVID-19 positive cases from Srinagar as these areas have been violating the norms which have been resulting in the increase in the number of case for the last few weeks.

The administration earlier asked the residents of these areas to adhere to the COVID SOPs so that the lives of the people are not put at risk, however, nothing changed and the administration went ahead with the imposition of a 10-day lockdown in 8 such areas falling in the Srinagar city. While the step taken was the need of the hour, there is a need for increasing the vigil in other areas as well to make sure that the people in those areas, particularly the areas that house the business establishments are adhering to CAB.

There is a need also for pacing up the vaccination in the district and to make sure that the majority of people are given protection against the COVID-19. The administration should also pace up the vaccination in the areas that are now under lockdown and make sure that all the beneficiaries are given the vaccine jabs well in time. For effective vaccination, the 10-day period has provided the administration with a good opportunity to log good vaccination numbers particularly in these areas and now, it is the right time to impose heavy fines on people, establishments that are found to be violating the COVID norms in the district.



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