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Danger still looms large

As the lockdown was imposed by the district administration Srinagar as the cases witnessed an increase, the move appears to be proving effective, as the number of cases reported daily has witnessed a steep decrease. At the place where Srinagar used to report over 60 cases per day, the same has now come down to 30 cases per day—which is indicative of the fact there were violations of SOPs in the areas that reported the majority of cases per day.

The people need to understand that the danger of a third wave is still far from over, while there is an extraordinary need for adhering to CAB and ensuring that people are vaccinated. There is more need for ramping up the vaccination in Srinagar city in general and particularly in the areas where the lockdown restrictions have been put in place to contain the spread of the infection in the city.

There is also a further need for awareness concerning vaccination. Now that colleges and schools have reopened, the teachers can use the platform to make the students understand the need for vaccination so that they could pursue their parents as well as those who are eligible for vaccination.

There is a need for carrying out comprehensive measures so that the situation does not go out of control. At the same time, the administration needs to be applauded for the timely actions and measures and needs to continue the same in future as well as the danger of COVID continues to persist.



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