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Why make retired employees suffer?

The officials at the helm of affairs at the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation should be ashamed for making its retired employees run from pillar to post for seeking what’s rightfully theirs. They deserve to be paid the arrears and other benefits as they are entitled to the same. The same is the case with the retired employees of the JKSRTC—they have also been left to fend for themselves as not a single official is giving them heed.

It is a state of shame for officials running the show at the JKTDC that several of these retired employees even died as they waited for the arrears to be released but to no avail. They did not get it while they were alive, neither did they get it even after their death—such is the state of heartlessness.

The arrogance of the officials at JKTDC is such that they are categorically refusing to pay the dues to these retired employees. These officials should try to understand that these retired employees have worked for the betterment of the corporation throughout their service years, and while they do not have any pensionary benefits, they entirely rely on the arrears, dues that are pending with the corporation. The retired employees of the JKSRTC also are also doing everything to be heard but to no avail.

There is a need for the higher officials to take note of the issue and pass on the required orders in this regard. While the JKTDC has been getting the funds from the Government, it could have settled the cases of these retired employees, but no, they want the issue to linger around and these elderly retired employees keep appealing for the resolution of their issues. There is also a need for addressing the issues faced by the JKSRTC retired employees.



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