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Don’t violate norms!

The Government has acted tough on teachers working in the State Education Department for going on to pursue higher studies without informing the Department, let alone applying for the leave, waiting for its sanction and then proceeding ahead accordingly.

As per the Department, there have been instances where it was observed that the employees did not follow the rules and regulations in this regard with the result, the management at the schools used to get disturbed. With already short on the number of teachers, the Department usually failed in making the necessary arrangements to fill up the gaps created due to the teachers going ahead to pursue higher studies without any approval.

The Department has now directed the employees from opting for such ways to get on the leave: they have been asked to follow the procedure and go ahead on the leave after the same is approved. The step should have been taken much earlier when the trend of teachers going ahead like that was observed. There was no need to wait and watch and those who were found violating the norms should have faced the action nonetheless.

Now that the Department has taken a tough line in this regard, there is a need for keeping a strict eye on the violations, if any. At the same time, the teachers also need to act responsibly and should follow the set rules and regulations before going ahead with the leave for pursuing higher studies. They need to take into account the scarce manpower in the department.



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