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Don’t delay it further

It has been as if an eternity since we have seen children going to their schools. The pandemic, while it has affected every sector of society, has, at the same time taken a huge toll on education. The pandemic has affected the learning, perception and mental wellbeing of children as the process of imparting education online continued endlessly. We are not blaming the administration here as those measures were necessary back in time; however, right now there is a need for revisiting such decisions that have affected numerous tender lives.

The parents have been requesting the administration to reopen the schools for primary and middle students in a staggered manner so that before the new season sets in, they are once again well adapted with the offline studies as remaining out of touch might result in repulsive reactions from the students.

While all the other activities are in full swing, the parents are asking why we can’t push education once again towards the normal. The teachers have been vaccinated, 100% of the population has been given at least one dose of the vaccine. These circumstances should finally allow the situation to head towards normal which is not happening as of now.

The administration should now seriously ponder over the move of reopening the schools for kids, first, to acclimatise them with offline education as they are currently out of touch from the same. There is no scope for further delay in this regard as that might end up telling upon the performance of the children in future when things will be back to normal.



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