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COVID again on rise

The COVID cases are once again on the rise and if doctors are to be believed then there is an increase in the severe case of COVID with the majority being of those who have not been vaccinated. The instance is once again impressing on the need for those to get vaccinated who have so far not been able to do that. The older people who are yet to be vaccinated should get themselves vaccinated.

At the same time, the district authorities across Kashmir should further expedite the vaccination process to maximise the coverage with extra focus on covering the people belonging to the old age group. At the same time, there is a need for people with comorbidities to exercise maximum caution concerning moving out and dealing with people. There is a need for such people to take extra precautions and move after properly wearing a mask.

The COVID appears to be far from over despite achieving a milestone in vaccination, there still is a need for people to adhere to COVID SOPs strictly. The gatherings that are held in closed spaces demand more caution as the spaces with no ventilation add to the chances of infection. Therefore SOPs need to be followed religiously at such places.

The administration across Kashmir needs to play a proactive role and should carry out regular drives and inspections of marketplaces and other spots to ensure that the COVID SOPs are followed as per the regulations. The caution and the adherence to SOPs are the only way out.



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