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Dealing with giant problem

The cases of drug abuse in Kashmir are rising with each passing day even though the police have been acting tough on the drug peddlers who are supplying the drugs and making the same available to the drug addicts who then end up destroying their lives. However, on the prevention aspect of the problem, the Govt does not seem to be doing enough or equal to what it should be done keeping in view the magnitude of the problem at hand.

There are now cases of suicide being reported across several areas of Kashmir and a deep digging of such cases reveal that they have been drug addicts and ended up killing themselves for various reasons. There is a need for the Government to keep up with the policy that it framed aimed at the prevention of the issue as well as the treatment, rehabilitation of the victims.

There is also a need for putting in place the necessary and required infrastructure as well manpower aiming at addressing the issue which Kashmir is facing at a mass scale. The Govt cannot formulate a policy and then forget to implement the same.

While there have been few sections where the policy has been implemented, however, largely, it is yet to be implemented in letter a spirit. Keeping in view the magnitude of the problem, there is a need for working on the war footing to make sure that the problem is addressed effectively and the youngsters are saved from falling prey to the menace of drug abuse



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