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Hindu- Muslims celebrate Diwali in Valley

Srinagar: Diwali in Kashmir was celebrated with love and brotherhood on Thursday, as sweet shops and markets in Srinagar witnessed a good rush, with people from Hindu and Sikh community were busy in shopping and lighting their houses.

According to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) Muslims in Kashmir greeted and celebrated Diwali with the minority communities.

A Muslim resident from Habba-Kadal said they wish Happy Diwali to Kashmiri pandits and hindus living in the valley.

“This festival brings peace and prosperity, may almighty bring happiness in our lives too, and bring unity among us. Current politics is trying to create a rift in our brotherhood but we wish peace and unity in Kashmir,” he said.

“I want to give a message to all those politicians who are trying to create a rift in between our brotherhood in the name of religion and politics, now that time has passed, we all are one, we celebrate Eid with our Hindu brothers and they celebrate Diwali with us,” he said.

A Kashmiri Pandit from Baramulla said that Hindus and Muslims have been living in harmony in Kashmir for decades.

“We always back each other. I wish that it will remain like this forever. We were celebrating every festival together. I pray this kind of brotherhood will remain as it is,” he said.

A Pujari from Hanuman Mandir Aamira Kadal HSHS said that on this occasion of Deepawali they are going to have Puja of Baghwati Mahalaksmi and will light up the Mandir with Deepak (clay lamps).

“We will also share sweets and will pray for peace, health, wealth and prosperity for all Kashmiris irrespective of their religious belief,” he said—(KNO)



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