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PM has given corruption-free Govt: Amit Shah

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a corruption-free government in the last seven years and no one can question its intention when a decision is taken, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Friday.
Addressing the annual general meeting of FICCI, Shah also said one of the greatest achievements of the Modi government has been that it has brought 60 crore people in the country’s development process, who were otherwise deprived of it since independence, and helped increase their faith in democracy.

There has not been a single instance of corruption in the last seven years. We have provided a corruption-free government. We have taken many decisions and one or two may be wrong. But no one, not even critics, can say that our intention (niyat) is bad, he said.
The home minister said there have been massive changes in the economy and 60 crore people, who were deprived of the country’s development process since independence, were made participants.
There were 60 crore people, who did not have a bank account, they did not have electricity connection, gas connection or health facilities. The Modi government has given all of these to them and it has helped increase their faith in India’s democratic process, Shah said at the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s meeting.
Listing the achievements of the Modi government, he said the COVID-19 pandemic has been brought under control due to the charismatic leadership of Prime Minister Modi and participation of the country’s 130 crore people.
Shah said no one had thought that Article 370, which gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, would be abolished without bloodshed and no one had thought that the Ram Janmabhoomi dispute would be resolved peacefully.
Left wing extremism has almost been finished, there has been massive improvement in health infrastructure, a significant and new education policy has been framed, and even a water policy has been formulated taking into consideration the next 100 years, the minister said.
“There has not been a single area that has not been touched by the Modi government. There have been massive changes in the last seven years, he said.
Shah said a government takes four to five major decisions in 50 years but the Modi government has taken at least 50 major decisions in the last seven years.
He said as 155 crore anti-Covid vaccine doses has been administered, there has been speed in the economy, manufacturing amd production, and exports have also increased.
If there is any country which has come out with strong economic activities after the pandemic, it is India. It has happened due to the farsightedness of the prime minister, he said.
The home minister also gave a few suggestions to FICCI so that the industry body can more deeply ged involved in the country’s development process. (Agencies)


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