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On rise again

As the threat of Omicron looms large globally, J&K is again witnessing an increase in the daily case of COVID-19 for the last several days which can be indicative of another COVID wave knocking at our doors.

The situation coupled with the new threat of the new variant is something that demands utter caution and adherence to the COVID SOPs by the people who are these days seen flouting the same. The doctors have also come on record to state that the admissions of the COVID patients have witnessed an uptick in the last few days.

While the administration is taking all the necessary measures to prevent the further spread of the infection, the people are also duty-bound to strictly adhere to the SOPs that have been issued from time to time. There is also a need for ramping testing at all the entry points to J&K.

Now that more and more cases are being reported particularly from Srinagar, the administration needs to step up existing measures and take some more preventive measures to ensure that the further spread of the infection is prevented. The administration can also explore the option of imposing smart lockdowns in the clusters that are reporting more daily COVID cases across Srinagar or elsewhere.

The authorities also need to increase the pace of the vaccination across Kashmir which should go in parallel with the containment measures that are necessary to be taken particularly in the areas which the administration earlier said are flouting the SOPs. The fight against the infection, which has wreaked havoc across the world, has to be a collective one. The administration has been taking steps while people need to cooperate.



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