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After Art 370, people have stepped ahead for development, peace

Srinagar: There have been several developments that have taken place in J&K after Article 370 was abrogated by the Modi-led BJP Government in the centre. The people of J&K had nowhere to go during the times of the regional parties such as NC, PDD, which had made running J&K as their very own affair, and it used to benefit all of them and not the commoners.

With the Article 370 gone, the power has come to the hands of the people and the traditional parties of J&K are overburdened with the sense of being side-lined and that has been the reason that they went running at the invitation of the centre—indicating their hunger for power. But there is least that they can do now with the majority of powers resting with the centre

With the Article 370 being scrapped, J&K will not enjoy any special status and the Indian constitution will be applicable to all its residents from now. Right to Information & Right to Education will be applicable and minorities in the region will l enjoy 16% reservations.

Also, women from J&K can still retain their rights and citizenship even if they marry someone outside the state. While a certain sect is happy with these implications, many consider it as a threat to human rights and the Indian Democracy.

The Government has been saying that earlier there were restrictions on the transfer of land, it will now, after the 370 is gone, lead to growth and employment and private investments in education, health and tourism. The government said land rates that had remained stagnant in the state will now increase like in other parts of the country, thus benefiting landowners.

But it said there would be no loss of land and no one would be forced to sell their land. With the restrictions removed, the tourism potential of the state will be fully realised with investment in tourist infrastructure and hotels that will create more jobs.

It touted film shootings, adventure and religious tourism which will also benefit the rural economy. The government said higher education has witnessed a boom across the country but not in J&K as the state does not have a single private university and students are forced to go to other parts of India.

With the PPP model in education, the students will not have to travel outside the state. Similarly, it said, there are no large private hospitals in the state and patients have to travel to Delhi and Mumbai for treatment. But now private investment would bring quality health care to the state that will create jobs and growth and make J&K a medical tourism hub.

After the constitutional changes and reorganization of the erstwhile State of Jammu-Kashmir, the Union territories of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh have been fully integrated into the mainstream of the nation. As a result, all the rights enshrined in the Constitution of India and benefits of all the Central Laws that were being enjoyed by other citizens of the country are now available to the people of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh.

The change has brought about socio-economic development in both the new UT’s i.e. UT of Jammu-Kashmir and the UT of Ladakh. Empowerment of people, removal of unjust Laws, bringing in equity and fairness to those discriminated since ages who are now getting their due along with comprehensive development are few of the important changes that are ushering both the new Union Territories towards the path of peace and progress.

With the conduct of elections of Panchayati Raj Institutions such as Panches and Sarpanches, Block Development Councils and District Development Councils, the 3-tier system of grassroot level democracy has now been established in Jammu and Kashmir.

The leaders of NC, PDP, Congress, they have always been putting themselves first, but, now, the people are at the forefront and will be benefitted with the regional leaders who have always fought for themselves getting side-lined.



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