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COVID-19 vaccination: 40% population of above 45 age group yet to get vaccinated in Srinagar

Srinagar: The administration in Jammu and Kashmir has already missed two deadlines to vaccinate all above 45 years of age while Srinagar is the worst performer, as per the official data.

Dr Nighat, vaccination in charge for Srinagar district told news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that Srinagar has a huge denominator and is the third in overall numbers of doses being administered after Jammu and Baramulla.

She said despite the hard work of the health workers and full support from administration, they are still struggling to achieve the target mainly due to the hesitancy in a certain group of people.

Top officials said that despite the fact that the people of Srinagar are educated as compared to other people of rural areas, they are very much hesitant to get themselves vaccinated.

“People of Srinagar believe too much in rumours that is why health care workers face a lot of hesitancy and denial from locals for taking vaccines,” they said.

District vaccination officer requested the media to help them in removing doubts and fear among the people so that they can achieve the target on time.

“People need to understand that we can live normal lives with the opening of markets and educational institutions only after vaccinating 70-80 percent of the population to acquire herd immunity,” Nighat said.

She said that every responsible person must help them to remove hesitancy from the public.

Officials said that more waves can attack us anytime if people won’t understand the importance of vaccination.

Around 87 percent of people above 45 years of age have already taken the first jab while around 14 percent have received the second dose.

While 5 districts have already completed 100 percent vaccination of above 45, however, Srinagar is the worst performer with just around 60 percent people have received the first jab while around seven percent have been given second jab—(KNO)



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