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Surrender, come home; serve nation: GoC to Militants

Srinagar:General Officer Commanding of Srinagar based Chinar Corps, D P Pandey today asked the militants to be aware of the “white-collar militants” and appealed to them to return to their homes.

“Instead of taking up guns and indulging in violence, serve the nation. The militants must be aware of “white-collar militants”, who manipulate them to choose this path and ask them to look at the families of those people who have made them militants, Pandey told reporters on the sidelines of a function at Shopian.

“Their families are well settled and the youth who pick up guns have been devastated. The youth are the hope for their parents as well as of the country,” he said. According to associated news bureau ANB correspondent that

He asked them to surrender guns and return to their homes. “At the age of 17 or 20 nobody is mature and after 25 years of age a person becomes mature. If there is any difficulty, youth can come to us and we will show them the right path,” he added.

Pandey said that “white-collar militancy” is a factory and if one militant dies then next is born. “These ‘white-collar militants’ research about a particular youth, about his family issues etc. and then manipulate them to pick up guns. The families of ‘white-collar militants’ always remain well-off. The parents of youth who pick up guns should ask these white-collar militants to let their children also pick up guns.” (ANB)



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